Skill Development Assessments

Our AMS (Assessment Management System) is a creative Assessment engine which is widely used among Government agencies. So as to complete the various domains of desired skill set and to provide relevant analytical assessments that are done with the complete advanced invigilating features such as Image based, Audio based, Video based, Geo-based and digital signature of candidates. It supports different content formats to facilitate the process. Test can be downloaded directly and can be shared with clients and government agencies. The tests are made available on various digital devices and can be attempted using online or offline version.

Highlights of the Skill Development Assessments

Multiple Question Formats :

  • Management & hosting of different types of question banks viz. long answers, Practical, Viva, MCQ's, True or False, MMCQ's, Scenario based viva, Video based questions, Image based questions, match the following, flash cards, Questions & options Randomization.

Student proctoring

  • Proctor the candidate exam using advance tools viz. screens, videos, photos and digital signatures.

Multilingual / Localization

  • SdmsExpress supports regional language based content also.

Tracking Location

  • Tracking the exact assessment location, Assessor location with photos and time stamp by mobile app.

Exam Security

  • Securing the exams through various mechanisms viz. Simultaneous Login blocking, Cut, copy and paste blocking & Timeout based logout, Print screen and Alt button blocking, Can’t navigate out of exam, Abnormal system shutdown logouts

PC and NOS

  • Complete PC and NOS mapping as per SSC standards

Exam Monitoring

  • Monitoring the real-time exam (Theory, Practial and Viva) of the student

Viva and practical exams

  • SdmsExpress supports to conduct Viva voice and practical exam by capturing viva and practical videos and photos of candidate.

Online and Offline mode of exams

  • Exams can be conducted in both offine and online mode through mobile apps and desktop

Centre Audit

  • A complete checklist of centre can be audit by capturing various images and videos through mobile app.

Geo tagging attendance

  • Attendance can be marked by capturing candidate photo along with Geo-locations.


  • Provision to store NOS wise and PC wise marks (theory, practical & viva) for individual students by Assessor.

OMR Sheets

  • Process the OMR sheets and generate results. The individual candidate answer sheet can be scanned and uploaded

Question paper Generation

  • Question paper can be generated based on the quiz setting from the question bank.


  • Multiple roles like Administrator, Assessor, Student and Sector Skill Council (SSC)


  • Online and Offline Feedback forms for both Assessor and Student