About Us

About Us

The SDMSExpress is a comprehensive assessments portal innovative technology solution that provides credible and genuine assessment to various aspects of education, training and employment. We specialized in developing process driven, integrated platforms for skill development centres, Training Providers and Assessing bodies.

About Upguage Solutions Pvt Ltd

Upguage offer diverse range of services that caters to the needs of different sectors of an institution/organization which directly influence the consumers. Upguage carefully watch general economic conditions to anticipate buying patterns. Upguage understand the demand for business products is based on derived demand and derived demand is demand that springs from, or is derived from, a source other than the primary buyer of a product. Upguage Solutions understand the growing needs of the perpetuating industries and constantly engage in providing customized solutions for various organizations, educational and training institutes, Project Implementation agencies and other Government organizations to streamline working process and optimize the output.

Our Mission

Combine the strength of our expertise, experience and innovation to advance the worldwide success of the eLearning industry in implementing the Learning Management System across various domains.

Our Vision

At Upguage we do not see ourselves as IT Solutions Company, but rather as partners contributing to the success of our clients. We do not look for just business dealings, but instead focus on building long-term relationships with our clients and partners.